The Dead Lands of Athas

Exodus from Kyron

The City of Kyron Awakens, part II

Those adventurers who remained with Amion continued to inquire of the dead lord about the Dead Lands and the living visitors they believe to be the Agents of Nibenay. The ancient preserver continues his tale of how the Dead Lands came to be.

Quith refused to continue her research into the Gray, as the rent they had made was spilling death and decay across the countryside. The The Warbringer killed her for disobedience, and forced her into a state of undeath. She later escaped his dungeon, knowing full well that her apprentice Gretch would continue their work with no restraint.

She sought out an order of Druids, and convinced them to help her against Gretch, in spite of their restraint towards her being an undead abomination in their eyes. United, they devised a means of using the power of the four elements to seal the tear. While the tear was (mostly) sealed, the union of all four elements mingled with the negative energies of the Gray created a new substance with malign properties. The Obsidian Tide was formed, and began to kill all in its path and coat everything in a layer of black glass.

The druids paid with their lives to stop the Tide, and succeeded before it was able to rise out of the Basin. Unfortunately, what was once the Ulyan Basin had been completely covered in molten obsidian infused with the negative energies of the Gray, and soon the dead began to rise from their glassy tombs…

After the tale, the remaining adventurers began to hear strange tones issuing from above them, and a worried shout from Amion warns them that Kyron awakens early. It appears that Evar-li‘s forces have been alerted to their presence, and that soon the city’s grisly population would be upon them.

Amion and his supporters helped aid them out of the city, but sudden-strike attacks along the way led to the loss of Lady Ceirenia and her servant Nevaro before they were free of the accursed place.



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