The Dead Lands of Athas

In the Cluches of Evil

Charnelhouse of Tforkatch River

Having approached the barracks known as Charnelhouse and declaring he sought to defeat the Dead Lord Gretch, Perditus was blissfully unaware that they were loyal to Gretch. He was then escorted to a holding cell for further questioning under the pretense of waiting to meet with their ranking officer. Because of his exposure to the Block of Perditio, he has a unique aura which undead perceive as one of their own, which is why the undead did not simply eat him. They are a bit confused as to why their necromancers are not able to control him.

Meanwhile, Akile reports back to the rest of the party that he suspects that Perditus may be in trouble. Willem has already learned from the Raaig in the Temple of the Wailing Waters that the location is hostile, and comes up with a plan to retrieve him, hoping to bluff their way into and out of the compound.

Akulaa shares a few potion fruits which she says will mask the aura of those who eat them to appear as if they were undead, which Willem and Ascher further enhance through makeup and disguise.

Lady Ceirenia offers her knowledge of the region to aid in their bluff. “You must be confident —arrogant. Tell them you serve Lord Abthor, who is one of the Dead Lords who studied under Gretch.” She also produces a token supposedly bearing the man’s heraldry to legitimize their claim.

Approaching the undead barracks, Willem provides a fictitious name and rank to the guard stationed there. He tells the guard that he is on a mission for the Dead Lord Abthor, and that one of his own soldiers had wandered into the barracks (implying that he was not very bright).

Kheldar uses his mastery of the Way to pierce an anti-psionic barrier and communicate with Perditus. He tells him that they are their to save him (Confirming Perditus’ suspicions that he might have gotten himself in over his head). When the skeletal soldier watching Perditus in his cell refuses to speak with him, he decides to get frisky and undress the skeleton… The mindless undead repeatedly bites him in an attempt to fend off the unwanted assault). Perditus manages to remove a bracer from the skeleton, though its bony arm came along with it.

About this time, Sergeant-Commander Reklez (the Fallen Legionnaire who had escorted Perditus through the base) returned to retrieve and release him into the custody of Willem and his companions. Their ruse appeared to work, but they had their apprehensions about the ease in which they left…



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