The Dead Lands of Athas

Kyron, the City of 10,000 Dead

Sneaking through Hostile Territory

The adventurers ask Goran about any other living visitors he might have heard of lately, hoping to gather information about the team sent by Nibenay. He tells them of a group who passed through nearly a month ago (which matches what they learned in Ceilk), and that they were headed for Kyron, and were seeking out the Gnomish settlement known as Small Home.

He warns them that not all undead in the Ulyan Basin are as stable as his city, and that many loose their rational minds after dusk, becoming ravenous beasts. It is implied that the ruler of Kyron, Evar-Li, has something to do with this.

The adventurers depart for Kyron seeking answers, and are told to seek out someone he calls Amion, who might help them on their quest. When they near the city, they see that it swarms with undead, and heed Goran’s warning. They wait for dawn before nearing the city, and find it eerily quiet, though incorporeal shades wander the city oblivious to their undead state. The adventurers take pains to avoid them, as they were also warned that confronting the shades could awaken their wrath.

Before they reach the meeting place, they catch glimpse of a pair of undead who are not mindless, who clearly take notice of them before fleeing deeper into the city. They assume that these are Amion’s people, and heed it no mind. Later they reach the courtyard described by Goran, and soon see a hooded zombie who bids them to follow.

He leads them to a room where Amion has been awaiting them. The short, impish looking creature greeted them cheerfully and did what he could to make them feel comfortable. When asked about Gretch, he told them of how the Dead Lands were created, for it was Gretch himself who was directly responsible.

It was only by the efforts if the sorceress Qwith that the negative energy unleashed by Gretch did not kill off most of the life on Athas.



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