The Dead Lands of Athas

Life in the Dead Lands!

Having been separated after the horde of undead in the city of Kyron turned hostile before nightfall, each group was forced to find their own way out of the city. Three of their number were lost to the hoard (Akulaa, Ceirenia, and Nevaro), their fates unknown.

They circled back to their camp outside the city to retrieve some equipment and supplies, only to find it ransacked. Both Urza and Ceirenia’s mounts have been eaten, their bones and chitin picked clean. Ceirenia’s palanquin has been ripped apart and what belongings remain are strewn about the camp. The living tree which she kept within is missing as well.

They then realize that they are still being pursued by mobs of undead. They skirt the eastern cliff face to limit the direction which they could be attacked, and to avoid the Trees of Death and the Gray Tear.

Still pursued by undead for miles, the adventurers head northward, until they spy what they first believe to be a mirage. A lush oasis 2 miles in diameter with a massive tree at its center. As they draw nearer to the oasis, they soon discover the undead have ceased in their pursuit – they all stop within sight of the oasis and will come no closer.

Sierra’s skeletal minion doggedly follows her onward, but she soon realizes that it will soon be destroyed if it continues. She instructs it to flee westward until it can no longer see the oasis, and then head on northward for five miles and wait for her.

When they approach the verdant break in the Obsidian Plain, it appears as if the very plants beneath their feet are alive with a directed intelligence. A path opens amidst the tall grasses, and fruit of all sorts drop down from their vines. There is plenty of water and edible plant life to resupply their stocks.

When they settle down to rest in this strange place, they share a vision of a young druid who chose to sacrifice himself to a powerful Spirit of the Land to stop the spread of the Obsidian Tide. They assume that the intelligence directing the plantlife is the druid they saw in their dreams.



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