The Dead Lands of Athas

Searching through Kyron

The hunt for Nibenay's team continues...

Although a few of the adventurers wished to confront and question the evil leader of Kyron known as Evar-li, the group as a whole decided against it for now, considering the ruler’s penchant for cruelty and power to control entire cities of undead.

The adventurers learn from Amion that another group of the living passed through the city of Kyron a short time ago. He did not speak with them directly, but knew that they combed through the ruins in search of something, most likely treasure hunting.

Urza proposes that they split up and search over the same area that the others traveled, to look for anything they might have dropped that he could use to track them via scrying. Akile and Ascher volunteered to venture out, confident that their skills in stealth would protect them from detection by rogue undead, while Sierra offered her services in controlling and destroying undead in case they were detected.

In the southeastern quarter of the city, where they were informed that the latest visitors were spotted, Akile discovered a torn strip of cloth clinging to a tattered doorway. The cloth was clearly torn recently, and indicated that the other team must have passed through the archway recently. They discover a cellar, clearly searched through —and as pointed out by Sierra, occupied by undead.

The elven woman made use of her clerical powers and her obsidian fist to gain control of the pair of skeletons hiding within before they had a chance to attack. Little of worth was found within save for a few scraps of decaying metal.

Willem spotted another location recently disturbed, noting where a decaying cart was pushed aside to gain access to another ruined building. This building reminded him of an Alliance bolt-hole, complete with an underground wizard study. Here, they discovered a glass rod emanating magic, and an apparatus that someone had broken attempting to pry it loose. It was clear by the splattering of dried blood that they had cut themselves in the attempt.

Fortunately, Willem knew that a sample of the blood should be more than enough to direct a proper scry spell, and signaled his team to leave.



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