The Dead Lands of Athas

The Windfire Sea

Clearing the ash clouds and the undead that dwelt within, their guides state that they are soon approaching the undead city of Whitewood. Along the way, Ascher spots what appears to be a heat mirage: The obsidian ahead of them appears to be rippling like water.

As they approach, the adventurer’s noticed an abrupt increase in temperature, making the already unbearable Dead Lands even worse. It appeared they were approaching a lava caldera, but stretching for miles lay a heaving sea of inky black liquid undulating in the hot breeze and boiling from the heat. Perditus was first to investigate, and attempted to throw a massive bolder into the expanse to see how it would react. It was too large, and nearly smashed his foot when he “threw” it. When he attempted a more reasonable stone, it lightly bounced before slowly sinking beneath, a slight gout of flame surrounding it as it sank.

Urza then came up behind Perditus and began to summon water above the caldera in an attempt to cool some of the molten obsidian. A cloud of steam immediately washed over both of them before the black magma itself lashed out at them and attempted to draw them in of its own volition.

While Urza was attempting to kill he and Perditus, their Magma Cleric Sierra found the location fascinating. She approached the shores of this strange Liquid Obsidian with trance-like determination, bent down, and thrust an arm nearly to her elbow into the molten obsidian. Her screams echoed throughout the basin. Immediately Urza stopped messing around and attempted to pull her away and heal her, though when she withdrew her arm it appeared as if her arm was replaced by a well carved and polished obsidian fist. At this point the adventurers were certain that she was mad.

Soon after, likely because of Sierra’s screams, the adventurers discovered a pack of running toward them. The creatures were clearly hostile and displayed tactics which revealed their intellect, hammering them with both physical and psionic attacks. Just being in their presence was mentally draining. The battle was long and drawn out, with Perditus becoming gravely wounded, but in the end the adventurers triumphed.

Surveying the wounded, they realize Willem is nowhere to be found…



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