The Dead Lands of Athas

Across the Black Silt River

The adventurers discuss where they should head next, and decide to travel to the city of Whitewood, a city predominately occupied by a race once known as Orcs. They learn from Commander Iskender, who once hunted their kind, that these orcs are tenacious merchants of duplicitous nature.

While travelling Northeast towards Whitewood, they come to the edge of a silt estuary hundreds of feet across, black as obsidian instead of the normal pearly white color. Lady Ceirenia points out that this was once known as the Tforkattch River, and that a massive battle occurred here in the Green Age, and they might want to look around for treasure.

Looking around the estuary for a means of crossing and anything else of note, they discover a ruined temple nearby. Across the estuary and to the west, a large chain of low-lying buildings are spotted. Perditus and Akile investigate the settlement across the river, while the rest inspect the temple.

The temple ruin appears to have been dedicated to some river “goddess”, and Willem and Ascher refrain from looting the shrine’s wealth for fear of inciting the wrath of a Spirit of the Land. Willem cautiously searches the temple for the presence of undead, and discovers a Raaig guardian.

Across the river, it becomes evident that the chain of buildings is a garrison of Fallen Legionnaires. Being that his first encounter with such beings was positive, Perditus goes to meet the soldiers while Akile remains hidden. They react as Iskender did, and request his rank and purpose for being there.

He learns that the place is called Charnelhouse, and has been invited to speak with someone called Vizier Sthonkho.



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