The Dead Lands of Athas

An Ashen Haze

After spending the night in the Temple of the Wailing Waters, the adventurers decide to travel only during dusk and dawn to minimize their contact with undead and the merciless rays of the sun.

As they begin their journey towards the undead city of Whitewood, the adventurers notice heavy clouds looming off in the distance, spanning too wide a distance to avoid.

Soon, the mist and ash overtook them. They immediately notice the sudden decrease in temperature, and would find comfort in it were it not so difficult to breathe within. Though their visibility was vastly reduced within the ash clouds, the adventurers began to notice several humanoid figures begin to coalesce out of the haze.

As the figures close in around the adventurers, they can see the bright green glow of the mysterious figures eyes and the loose gray skin hanging from their gaunt frames. They attack with claws and teeth that seem to sap their very strength.

Willem quickly sets several on fire with his splash-globes, while Perditus and Ascher close into melee with the creatures. They concentrate their efforts and one-by-one bring the creatures down. Each time one of the gray zombies is struck down, it quickly evaporates into more mist and ash.

After all the gray zombies have been defeated, Perditus charges into the gray haze, and begins fighting with something no one else can see. Most think he has lost it, though at one point it appeared as if he were floating in midair while he madly swung his psychic blade around. Finally Perditus falls to the ground, landing on his feet and claiming that there was a great beast he fought.

Most write it off as one of their companion’s many eccentricities….



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