Sorcerer Queen of Raam


The queen of Raam typically appeared to her subjects as a beautiful woman with ivory-skin, dark raven hair, peaked eyebrows and huge, round eyes as beautiful as they were dark. Her narrow nose ended in a sharp point. She had full lips as red as rubies, a slender chin, and a neck so long and thin it was almost serpentine. Her long fingernails are lacquered crimson red, curved and pointed like claws.

It is said that her arcane research tends toward the study of physical, biological perfection.


Known as the “Great Vizier”, Abalach-Re claims to be a representative of a great and powerful entity known as Badna, and claims that her powers are gifts from this mysterious being.

The Queen of Raam appears to be largely uninterested in the goings on of her own city. As of late, she has been almost as elusive as the Shadow King of Nibenay, and leaves most of the governing over the city to her templars. Few ever see her outside of the Palace. As a result, the city was always on the brink of rebellion.

Last year, fter being gone for months, her return coincided with an event known as the Navratri Advent. A great celebration was held regarding both her return and the auspicious day of planetary alignment. The dark forces of Galaruung Darkmoon and the shadowy minions of the Dark Man used this time to ambush her. The Heroes were able to thwart this attack and gain her attention .


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