Agents of Nibenay

Rival Team Sent By Nibenay


According to both Abalach-Re and Amiska, the Shadow King of Nibenay sent a team of agents into the Dead Lands. Abalach-Re believes that they plan upon brokering an alliance with an undead lord known as Gretch, who is likely behind the rise in undead throughout the The Tablelands. The adventurers were tasked to prevent any such alliance, and find out how Gretch was able to breach the Spirit Net.


What the Adventurers have Learned:

The adventurers have learned that another group set out for the Dead Lands over a month ago.

They learned from Goran of Whitewood that a group consisting of two humans, a half-dwarf, and an elf passed through his city several weeks ago.

Amion recalls that recently a party of three passed through the city, led by a Half-Elf named Lan, who bore a broken steel blade. He knows the group combed through the city in search of something, and that they sought to travel to a settlement to the Northwest called Small Home.

Agents of Nibenay

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