Akile is sandy colored kreen with green eyes, long antenea and large sharp mandibles


Akile is slightly taller then the average kreen, his mandibles are large and sharp, his arms have spike chitin mounted to them and each of his four arms ends in three digit razor sharp clawed hands. His thorax is covered in boney spikey plates, his insectoid legs help his three clawed feet dig into the sand ever so lightly as he walks. Akile carries him self with pride. he carries two great macahuitl’s on his back and a many chatkcha carried in slings.


Akile was born with many clutch mates as all kreen are as he was in a nomadic kreen society he learned much about the world his parents tried to teach him hunting and fighting techniques of kreen, but when we was one his clutch met with wasteland tradesmen, the meeting was interrupted as they were attacked during the night. As the fighting started he grabbed a raiders leg and clamped on with is mandibles and claws as tight as he could the raider screamed and fell trying to kick Akile off his leg, he landed in the back of caravan wagon when he awoke the caravan tradesmen found him.

Knowing they couldn’t take care of him the next nomadic tribe they found they asked them to take him in, the tribe had a few kreen members but a human family agreed to help him. As he moved with them he learned from many members of the tribe how to hunt, fight and survive, after a few more years of training he was accepted in to the hunters of the tribe.

He longed to know what happened to his parents and the helpful tradesmen that gave him to his current tribe. he was a seasoned hunter with his hunting cat he brought the tribe many good feasts, but he felt the need to find his parents and ask the tradesmen about the raiders who attacked that night, they told him what they knew and he set off to find them.

Akile’s Gear & Possessions


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