Akulaa Darkmoon

The Red Shadow


Akulaa is a beautiful elven woman with sandy-blonde hair, golden eyes, and sun-bronzed skin. A long scar runs along her jawline on the left side of her face. She moves with the grace of an desert cat.

Akulaa is a charming woman with quick wits and an elegance about her that attracts most of those she meets. She has a strong business sense and can be quite convincing when she needs to be. She also has a knack for tracking and investigation.


Akulaa is a member of the Nightrunner tribe. Her skills in tracking made her a valued member of the Darkmoon clan, as she could find anyone whether they were in the wilderness or hiding in an urban setting. When Galaruung first displayed his affinity for the Black, she and the rest of her clan saw his new powers as a welcome addition to their operations, but when he began speaking of the entire clan merging with the Black , and serving one he called the Dark Man of Shadows, she became concerned. After a heated argument with Galaruung voicing her opinion turned violent, she took what she could and fled south.

Eventually, she found herself working as a scout and pathfinder based out of the city of Celik. She claims that she and her business partner have even taken people into the The Dead Lands and was instrumental in their survival.

Akulaa Darkmoon

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