Mentor who trained Lady Ceirenia


The man once known as Algernon was said to be a powerful preserver wizard and explorer.


Algernon was a brilliant man who sought to discover ancient secrets, and hoped to somehow find a means restore Athas to her former glory. He sought the location of an ancient city he had read mention of in his studies, once known as Nagarvos – a multicultural hub which was supposedly home to many preservers in the Green Age.

His research led him to rumors of a creature called an Avangion, a sort of preserver dragon whose powers of restoration could stand up to the likes of The Dragon and the Sorcerer Monarchs. This was the reason behind his search for that ancient city. t was said to be a refuge for preservers during the Preserver Purge and the beginning of the Cleansing Wars. He had hoped to find more information about this metamorphosis within this fabled city, but never found it before his untimely death.

Working out of Celik because of it remoteness and the freedom it gave him to practice his craft, he brokered an agreement with House Mareneth to protect their caravans with his magic. In return, Algernon would be allowed to use the merchant house’s resources to venture out into the desert to explore ancient ruins and continue his research. He was also obligated to relinquish a percentage of any artifacts recovered in his excursions to the House.

It was though this agreement that Algernon became friends with a young caravan guard who would later become a Caravan Master through House Mareneth.

Lady Ceirenia claims to have also met Algernon during one of his expeditions, and says she learned her magic from the old Preserver wizard.


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