Guardian of the Hidden Grove


Amiska appears as a beautiful dark-haired woman with golden skin and silver eyes. There is a slight glow about her, and she speaks in an almost otherworldly tone. Though she appears young, her tone and speech behavior seem to indicate a much older woman.

She has been observed to understand the Thri-kreen language, and can speak the ancient language of sprites fluently.


Amiska maintains a hidden grove in the desert near the mountains of Altaruk. Since she began tending this plot of land, it has become a lush and expanding forest, and is protected from outside notice by her powerful druidic magic.

She appears to be able to telepathically read those who enter her lands, and decide whether they are worthy to enter. Only those who seek to preserve the land are permitted, and given permission to make use of the land for supplies and recreation.

Several kreen have taken up residence, drawn to her presence due to their racial memory of a being they know as the Great One, and the similarities she has to it.


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