Ascher Kutal


Though born a man, he is now indistinguishable from an elf.


Ascher had to grow up fast on the mean streets of Raam. His father abandoned him and his mother at an early age, and they were forced to steal to survive.

There he met the elves Niraj Lonemoon and the beautiful Mejia . Though human, Ascher had impressed them with his skills and he “ran” with the Lone Moons in the city. The three became close friends, and became like a brother & sister to Ascher.

Having become close friends with the Nightrunner elf tribe, and performing acts of heroics which gained their trust, he was presented with a special gift. The elven knife of camaraderie is a status symbol among the elves, given only to those who who have performed a great service not only to the giver, but to benefit an entire tribe. Not long after, his closest friends were slain by the evil Galaruung Darkmoon.

Ascher has recently discovered that the gift that his childhood friend, son of the Nightrunner chief had given him was not only a symbol of hard-earned elven trust, but that Niraj had placed Ascher upon a path that would eventually transform him physically into a full-blooded elf.

He has also encountered a woman who once taunted him as a child. Akulaa Darkmoon was a member of the same clan as his hated enemy Galaruung, but abandoned her tribe and clan when the Darkmoons made a pact with the Dark Man of Shadows. She is quite impressed by his new form.

Ascher’s Gear & Possessions

Ascher Kutal

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