Bane of Gnomes

Gallard, Bane of the Gnomes


This Champion was reported to be a tall, regal-looking man with sharp features. His head was completely shaven, and his face bore a strong brow with an aquiline nose and remarkable sulphurous yellow eyes. He clothed himself in silken finery and bore precious gems and jewelry.

Gallard was an aloof man who bore an air of superiority and confidence. He was subtle and crafty as the Gnomes he sought to eliminate, and never direct in his actions.


A brilliant and powerful sorcerer, Gallard was one of the Champions created by the The Warbringer to eliminate the “impure races” in his Cleansing War. Gallard was dedicated to annihilating an impish and crafty race known as Gnomes.

His soldiers would claim that Gallard was a brilliant military tactician whose cunning strategies lead them to countless victories over their crafty, devilish prey. In the dwindling forests in which many of them dwelt, Gallard’s cunning strategies of stealth and surprise to root his foes proved extraordinarily effective.

The Gnomes however, claimed their foe was a brute who did not shy away from using his potent sorcery to raze their forests to the ground to burn them out of hiding.

Though many of the Warbringer’s champions claimed titles of nobility and royalty, Gallard’s past was unknown and likely rose up from a commoner’s upbringing. His rise to prominence likely occurred after he excelled in the First Sorcerer’s teachings.

Bane of Gnomes

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