Commander Iskender

Ashwaran Salar (Commander) Iskender of the Orc Plague's Army


From a distance Commander Iskender could still pass as a living Human, but up close his dark leathery hide is rent with bloodless tears and a massive head wound. His eyes have long since rotted away, but bright points of white light glimmer within the empty sockets. He wears armor masterfully shaped from the deep red chitin of a Scarlet Warden he proudly proclaims he killed himself, and is armed with both a curved obsidian blade and a long javelin.

He is never without a contingent of other Fallen Legionnaires.


Iskender served as one ofUyness of Waverly’s military Commanders. In life, he fought to protect humanity from a brutal race known as Orcs, but not long after the Obsidian Tide swept over the Ulyan Basin he discovered a much more pertinent threat — that of the S’thag Zagath. He trains any undead he comes across in fighting these Scarlet Wardens. He knows these enemies would like nothing more than to rage across the Tableands.

Whether he was fighting orcs or bugdead, Iskender was always concerned with protecting humanity, a goal which has not left him in undeath. This may be why he and his soldiers did not attack the adventurers. (Why he seems to think that some of the party, such as Perditus, are undead is unknown)

Commander Iskender

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