The shadow entity shairing a body with Lofe


Djor’il is an ancient creature native to the shadowy realm known as the Black. It says it was once a halfling who served someone it refers to as “The War bringer”. Djor’il claims to have regretted this decision for millennia.


Djor’il was primarily a scholar and politician, and when he and his people were banished to the Black, he spent a considerable amount of time in stasis. He avoided confrontation, and never was much of a warrior. When Lofe gazed through a mystical portal to Djor’il’s home, the shadow person was forced into the half-giant’s body, where they now share consciousness.

Since their union, Djor’il has never taken full control of Lofe and may possibly be not strong enough to do so. Still, he has a considerable amount of knowledge (though very narrow in scope), and has managed to use his connection to the Black to create some useful effects to benefit them both.


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