Powerful Dead Lord and former apprentice to Gretch


Evar’li is a vile and uncaring beast, with as much humanity as the Dragon and a disposition to match.


It is said he was once an agent of Hamanu who grew to powerful and influential for the Sorcerer King’s liking. He was given an ultimatum to find the sorcerer Gretch within the Dead Lands and attempt to form an alliance or die. Despite the likelihood that he was given a fools errand, Evar’li traveled for many months before finding the Obsidian Plains, and soon after arriving lost everything and everyone he had started his quest with, save his spellbook, his mastery of the Way, and an esoteric spider who is believed to be Evar’li’s reincarnated lover, “Aye.”

Evar’li found Gretch and instead of making the alliance he became Gretch’s student in the art of Necromantic magic. Evar’li was given the gift of Unlife from his mentor, and so became a Kaisharga. Over six hundred years ago he turned on Gretch, attempting to destroy his teacher and gain control of the Dead Lands using the Way as well as the magic Gretch taught him. Most believed that he was successful, and Gretch has not been seen in all that time.

Evar’li currently dominates most of Kyron, the City of 10,000 Dead, though there is a resistance movement consisting of undead lords who dispute his rule. He also holds sway over the city of Small Home, and forces its population into all manner of madness for his own pleasure.


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