First Sorcerer

The enigmatic creator of all arcane magic


The mysterious being known as the First Sorcerer was said to be horribly disfigured, a unique creature considered hideous to all the known races. Descriptions say he lacked the simple symmetry one expects to see in a humanoid. The first sorcerer’s head was huge, grotesque and misshapen. Wisps of colorless hair sprouted between the bulbous swellings that covered his skull like lava seeps. His eyes were mismatched in color, size, and position. His nose was a shapeless growth above a coarse-lipped mouth that was lined with snaggle-teeth. He wheezed when he inhaled, and when he exhaled, his breath stank of death and disease.

Despite this affliction, the First Sorcerer was a brilliant and educated man who had devised a means of using the abundant life all around them to affect the world. A power easier to attain than psionics, without having to devote ones self to an advanced being or power.


Approximately 5,000 years ago at the tail end of the Green Age, the First Sorcerer arose from obscurity to begin to openly teach a new source of power, arcane magic to anyone who would listen for approximately 1,500 years. While he never took on many students at once, he was particularly long-lived, and those who mastered his craft began to spread their knowledge across Athas.

His discoveries ushered Athas into a period known as the Time of Magic, where spellcraft quickly became a driving force in the world and created new wonders.

Unfortunately, it also upset a long established social structure led by the Psionic Elite, and conflicts occurred between them and even amongst the various arcane fraternities which developed. Eventually, this led to the persecution of wizards known as the Preserver Purge.

Little is known as to what happened to the First Sorcerer, but he faded back into obscurity more than 500 years before the bloody conflict began.

First Sorcerer

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