Galaruung Darkmoon


Galaruung was a Nightrunner elf and chief of the Dark Moon clan. He is a depraved murderer and thief.


The Dark Moon clan of the Nightrunner tribe have a reputation for wanton violence and crime.

Galaruung obtained his position as chief of the Dark Moon clan soon after gaining mastery of shadows through his bargain with the being known as the Dark Man of Shadows. In his youth, he murdered two of Ascher Kutal’s closest friends, Niraj and Mejia Lonemoon. It is also believed he killed the Tribal Chieftain of the Nightrunners for his prized suit of enchanted armor.

During the Navratri Advent in Raam, he gathered considerable forces against Grand Vizier Abalach Re, Raam’s sorcerer queen. Through his connection with the Dark Man of Shadows, Galaruung brought many Shadow Giants into the city —one of the few beings which can threaten a sorcerer monarch. He was captured after the battle, but died before he could be questioned.

Galaruung Darkmoon

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