Merchant Prince of Whitewood


Goran has thick, leathery skin and stands nearly eight feet in height. He has wild eyes set in a sunken brow, which flare with an unnatural red glow. Goran is a member of a now extinct race that he calls Orcs.

Despite his frightening appearance, he has a silver tongue and his skill as a trader may rival even the best Elven merchants. Unlike many of the other natives of the Dead Lands, his demeanor isn’t grim or mysterious like his peers.


Goran is the de facto ruler of the settlement of Biga’fe’tye (Whitewood in his native tongue), though he says that he is not a true caliph. He says that such rulers possessed great spellcraft, but were personally destroyed by the Orc Plague, and their souls did not rise when the Obsidian Tide washed over the Ulyan Basin.

His race lived for trading (and some orcs will tell you of their fondness for warfare), this love has not left them in their Unlife. He has been directing his orcs to collecting massive amounts of obsidian which he hopes to one day to trade with the Tablelands. How he hopes to transport all this obsidian beyond the Gray Veil, he will not share.

He also has spent many years developing ships that could travel through the Silt Sea that are constructed mainly of wood. It has taken Goran centuries to dig up a small amount of the timber necessary for the fleet.


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