Nibenay's Contact within the Dead Lands


Gretch was an ambitious assistant to the the The Warbringer’s chief necromancy researcher Qwith. When she refused to continue her experiments with the Gray, the Warbringer had her executed and appointed Gretch to carry on with her unfinished work.


Allowing his ambition and brazen lack of regard for life to lead him, his experiments tore open a rift in the Gray which spread death and decay over the countryside. If it wasn’t for him, the Dead Lands would not be covered with obsidian and millions of lives would not have been snuffed out in such a terrible fashion.

As a powerful necromancer, he soon became the leading Dead Lord ruling over the region once known as the Ulyan Basin.

He was thought to have been destroyed six hundred years ago by his student, Evar’li, however, all that remains unclear now. Undead have been amassing around Gretch’s Obsidian Spire for the past ten years, causing many to believe that the death was a hoax—a hoax that would allow Gretch to plot without interruption and gain the element of surprise when he returns…

Gretch is the undead lord whom the Shadow King sent a team sent to contact, presumably to broker some sort of alliance.


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