Templar of Raam


The templar Jagjiit first hired the PCs to find out what happened to his friend Tenaviir. His goals have recently mirrored theirs, and it has been in his best interest to provide aid and solicit their services. Because he put his faith in the Heroes during the time leading up to the Navratri Advent, he was rewarded with considerably more influence, and has cleared their names of any murder charges in the House of Rakesh. For a time, he kept in contact with the Heroes and hired them out for their unique skills.

When they told him of the battle with the Dark Man of Shadows, he quickly acquired the authorization to send a squad of templars to the battle to aid the Heroes, led by his protégé Nadia. He feels responsible for her death.

When the elf Willem returned to Raam and sought to become a member of the templarate, it was on Jagjiit’s recommendation that he was inducted. He served as Wilem’s commanding officer, and the two became close friends.


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