Koschei the Undying


The creature stands more than eight feet tall, emaciated with a thin layer of gray, leathery skin stretching taut against its bones. It is clothed in a robe of dark-blue silk hemmed in silver thread. It has almost no nose to speak of, but wild eyes set in a sunken brow which flare with an unnatural blue glow.


Koschei was a powerful psionic master at the height of the Green Age, capable of feats few then and now could dream of. Before the Cleansing Wars began, he sought to extend his own existence and so through will alone became an undead being. He served as adviser to several Orcish Caliphs, and when the Orc Plague began to hunt his people he proved to be a valuable asset in the war.

It was he who discovered the Elemental Vortices used by the Warbringer’s Champions, and devised an apparatus to detect such connections. This served as an early warning system of sorts. When the Obsidian Tide swept through the Ulyan Basin, he found himself trapped by the Gray Veil.

Over the years, Koschei’s grip on sanity has waned, and has become convinced that the Orc Plague plans to return to the Ulyan Basin to destroy the last bastion of Orcs. He had procured several templars from various city-states as proof, and placed their minds into psionic receptacles.

Koschei sent his minions to attack the adventurers while he subdued Willem and teleproted to his lair to interrogate. With the aid of The Maiden, Willem was able to destroy his attacker, just as he was preparing to kill him.

Koschei the Undying

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