Lofe stands a towering twelve feet tall, and is stoutly built with rippling muscle. Typical of his race, his features are exaggerated and disproportionate for human standards. At his back he wears a composite obsidian blade taller than an elf, and armored with only a single bone buckler strapped to each of his enormous forearms, and greaves crafted from aprig shells.


He has lived a lonely life on the streets of Raam, barely scraping by loading cargo at the front gates and carrying things to peoples homes. He has been suffering nightmares, and began spending his hard earned money on cheep beer and broy to silence his dreams. It was then that he discovered the lure of Living Waters, whose euphoria brought him comfort in the darkness. He felt strangely a strong sense of belonging and acceptance while under its effects.

His greatest fear is being alone and ignored, and craves nothing more than to be a part of something greater. More than anything, Lofe wishes to gain the respect of those his newfound companions.

Recently, Lofe has displayed abilities and powers not normally associated with your typical half-giant. Despite his size, he has shown an uncanny ability to skulk in the shadows with a level of effectiveness that mirrors those of Ascher and Xavier. He also was seen delivering a baleful touch to the ooze he last fought.

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