Personal guardian of Lady Ceirenia


Nevaro appears unusually tall and long of limb for the average human, but his frame is much bulkier than an elf could ever be. He wears a loose white robe that protects most of his body save his head and hands from the unrelenting sun. On any exposed skin such as his hands, one can see elaborate tattoos and scarification. Judging by the odd lumps and protrusions, the robe conceals some sort of armor.

A long cowl shrouds his face from the light of the sun, exposing about an inch of charcoal-gray skin between his brow and the bridge of his nose. A vertical slash ran down the right side of his face from brow to cheek. Although the eye itself was not missing, it was clouded over in blindness. He is quite an exotic contrast to the striking universal beauty of his traveling companion, Lady Ceirenia.

At his side, he carries an exotic weapon clearly of gladiatorial design. The heavy-hafted club is made of blue-tinged agafari wood, with the broad end studded with serrated teeth.


Little is known about Nevaro save that he is the constant guardian of Ceirenia, the woman in Celik, whose object of research seems to be The Dead Lands. His clothing and jewelery suggest a wealthy background, but his powerful build and choice of weapon could possibly indicate he was once a gladiator.


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