The Shadow King of Nibenay


Few ever see more that the massive stone bust of the Palace which is supposed to represent the face of the so-called Shadow-King of Nibenay. The Sorcerer-King is rarely ever seen by his subjects, usually only to quell a rebellion which believed him dead.

Elusive and bizarre, Nibenay is egotistical enough to name his city after himself, but pays little mind to the city himself. For the few who have seen him, Nibenay is a massive figure larger than the tallest Half Giant. Though more or less humanoid in shape, his body is covered in tight corded, ropey muscle overlaid with fine semitransparent black scales. His serpentine neck carries his reptilian head some 2 feet above the shoulders.

He is secretive and cunning, and has spent most of his time either trying to advance his dragon metamorphosis, or plotting against the other Sorcerer Monarchs.


Called the Shadow King by his subjects, Nibenay is a bizarre and enigmatic figure. His subjects see him so rarely that the city is constantly filled with rumors that he has died. Whenever these rumors result in a civil disturbance, however, Nibenay appears long enough to impress upon his subjects that he is still very much aliveĀ— usually by singlehandedly crushing the rebellion.


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