Orc Plague

Uyness of Waverly, Orc Plage


Those who had seen Uyness (winn-ess) first-hand stated that she was an ivory-skinned beauty, with blood red hair and dark eyes. She often wore flowing robes and armor made from the scintillating scales of elemental drakes, and carried a small scepter topped with an obsidian pommel.

She was a licentious and an enigmatic woman whose complex plots and potent spellcraft brought ruin to an entire race. Her true talent was for recruitment, for her inspiring speeches filled the hearts of countless with righteous indignation against her foes.


Uyness hailed from the island nation of Waverly, at a time when the Silt Sea was an ocean of water. Her hatred of the race known as Orcs began when Orcish pirates began harrying their shores, raping and pillaging wherever their psionically enhanced vessels carried them.

She sought out the First Sorcerer to gain a means of gaining revenge against those who had ravaged her homeland, and soon her efforts into the Arcane garnered the personal attention of the The Warbringer when her arcane prowess began showing promise. With an already established hatred of the race, he needed little to convince Uyness to join in his Cleansing War as one of his Champions. Dedicated to rid Athas of the Orcish race as the Orc Plague, she carried out her deadly task with glee.

She favored illusions and enchantments upon the battlefields, using the orcs strength against them and getting them to fight themselves. Despite her strengths wielding the Way and arcane magic she did not shy away from combat herself, and personally slew many of their caliphs who themselves wielded potent elemental magic, and the drakes they worshiped.

Orc Plague

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