Perditus the "Wise", formerly Perditus the "Brash"


Perditus is a Human male pushing the bounds of middle age into veteran. He no longer relies on the use of armor, finding his skill and intuition can guide him safely through battles. Not saying he won’t pull out Inertial Armor now and again, but when you are a popular as Perditus, it’s wise to keep protection and healing abilities at the ready. His trademark eye patch covers a missing eye, now replaced by a jade powerstone. His body tracks the years of physical triumph over the adverse and harsh world that we live in, with signs of magical plagues and psionic rocks that burrow into the skin. With every peal of thunder in the distance he will still grind his teeth, and not a shiny coin goes by without a sense of dread in the pit of Perditus’s stomach.

When this all began, he was self-focused and interested in retiring to some form of a meaningful life. With the trials of the Dark Man of Shadows, and the year-long slumber into the rebirth of Perditus, a life of meaning is all that drives him. To seek out those who would do good deeds in this land is what fuels his existence. Nothing would bring happiness to his aging soul than to achieve yet another glorious notch on his belt.

Recently, it was revealed that beneath his eyepatch, in place of the Jade Eyestone was a real, living eye. At some point his eye had been restored, though this one is a deep green color instead of blue.


Perditus was born and raised in Balic, eking out a meager existence on the docks of the silt estuary until the first talents of the Way began to manifest. He managed to get some formal training, but could not afford to continue (and thought it better to keep what was left of his parents money to go off on his own). He booked the first caravan out of the city, and offered his services as a guard to help pay his way.

Perditus continued to hone his newfound abilities on the beasts & raiders of the desert, though he quickly became bored when there was no attack to experiment with the Way. He began experiencing nightmares which would leave him exhausted the next day. Soon, he discovered these to be psychic assaults, and did his best to combat them. Some days, he would triumph and learn a bit about his invisible assailant, other days would leave him unconscious for hours in the caravan infirmary wagon.

The visions and occasional direct attacks left him with a strong desire to go north, which coincidentally was exactly where his current caravan was heading. Raam was its final destination.

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