Pixie Blight

Wyan of Bodach, Pixie Blight


Wyan was said to possess the classical aristocratic features of the nobility, and a cold arrogant bearing that hinted of the darkness within. He wore extravagant palatial regalia befitting a king, and favored black silks embroidered in gold thread.


Millennia ago, Wyan was nobility hailing from the renowned city of Bodach. As a member of the privileged elite, he was trained in Psionics at the prestigious Academy of the Way in his home city. He was a spoiled and had a sadistic streak, and was somewhat lackluster in his training. It was only when the First Sorcerer began teaching arcane magic that he took a deeper interest in his studies. This new form of power was incredibly easy to master, and the destruction it wrought appealed to sociopathic tendencies. Soon he amassed enough power to make a play for power in the city that bore his family name, but he was utterly crushed and banished from the realm by the Lawmaker after being stripped of his titles.

His arcane teacher, later known as the Warbringer, chose Wyan to become his Champion in the extermination of a diminutive race of beings known as Sprites. He called himself the “Pixie Blight”, for in the Green Age vernacular the word “Pixie” was a derogatory term which implied that they were parasitic pests or vermin.

The Pixie Blight did not wage war with the shy, tree-worshiping creatures, he eradicated them with the zeal of an insect exterminator who loved his job. His primary tactic for destroying the nigh defenseless Sprites was by turning their god-trees to sorcerous ash.

Pixie Blight

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