Like many inhabitants of the Dead lands, Qwith is mostly a skeleton, but still retains a papery veneer of flesh. She still wears the adornments of a forgotten age, though much of it is in tatters, likely held together by a mere thread of sorcery. Her eyes have long since withered away, though a faint violet light shines from deep within each empty socket. Deep rivulets score her cheeks as if acid once streamed from her eye sockets.

She is extremely elusive, and the scant few who have actually met her state that she speaks with a soft, quiet voice.


It is rumored she was the first person to study the Gray under the Warbringer’s supervision. She soon realizes that if she continued her experiments, great amounts of negative energy would continue to spread over the countryside, meaning death, disease and hardship for all the beings who live in the surrounding area.

She openly defies the Warbringer, and for this she is punished with death. But let it be known that Rajaat would never just kill someone, he would make them suffer. So Rajaat trapped part of her essence in the Prime Material Plane, just as she was dying. With one part of her self in the Grey, and one part in the Prime, Qwith became one of the walking dead.

Her position was handed over to her overly ambitious underling, Gretch, who has no qualms about the harm he could cause. Gretch opened a gate to The Gray without hesitation, which spilled enormous amounts of negative energy across the land. People started dying, crops failed, disease went rampant. Qwith fought against Gretch, but could only prevail with the aid of a group of powerful druids. They sought to funnel potent energy from all four elements to form a “clot” in the Gate, stopping the Negative Energy from leaking over all of Athas.

Their attempt succeeded, but the mixing of all the elements with negative energy created a massive tidal wave of liquid obsidian, which was only stopped by the quick actions of one of the last surviving druids. Qwith still blames herself for the whole ordeal and the feelings of guilt she feels for causing so much destruction may keep her Undead forever.


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