Slender, with weather-worn skin, Urza stands at 5’9" weighing in at only 150. He wears only light cloth, not even padded. His sun tanned skin is covered in strange tattoos, making swirls of dots all over his arms and face.


Born in the small village of Marikest, Urza spent his early years under the tutelage of the town’s cleric. Urza never felt that he was thought all that there was to know. He left shortly after being raised to a full cleric. He traveled the outer villages, bringing water to the people who were in need. His travels were just a pretense to search out new information, usually trading his water for knowledge.

Early in his travels he came across the ruins of an old settlement. Looking through the crumbling buildings he came across several old texts. He secreted these away and spent the next several months attempting to find someone who could teach him to read. Bit by bit Urza learned how to read the tomes, never showing any one teacher the whole of the texts so that no one else knew what he had. Upon finishing his learning he came to find that the texts were manuscripts of the arcane art.

Urza spent much time searching out ruins to gather more scraps of arcane knowledge. In his growing strength Urza learned to hide his casting as cleric magic, blending the two so that none could discern his true castings.

Urza’s Gear & Possessions


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