Willem grew up among the Onyx clan of the Clearwater Elf Tribe near Tyr. Though he had shown an impressive talent in playing various musical instruments and singing, the Onyx clan’s area of focus was assassination. They molded Willem into a proper Athasian bard and while most bards sing songs and boost the other party members’ abilities. Athasian bards will kill and poison you, and maybe fuck you. Maybe in that order, too.

While Willem was working in the city of Raam, he fell in with a group of adventurers became involved in a plan to stop the Dark Man of Shadows. After killing him and foiling his plot to assassinate Abalach-Re, he attempted to infiltrate the Templarate in order to further his own goals. Of course his friend Jagjiit, along with the good will of the sorceror-queen, he was officially inducted into the Templars of Raam much to Willem’s chagrin.

While working one day on a domestic dispute case in the city, Willem was interrupted by an immediate summons by Abalach-Re herself, and quickly shat himself. After cleaning his trousers, he met with the magnificent and benevolent ruler who assigned him a quest. Willem was asked to gather his companions and head south where he was to meet with the queen again. She then took his Sigil of office and imbued it with a bit of her power. She also struck his rank from the Sigil letting all who look upon it know that he is working on a mission given personally by her.

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