Armarius Perditio

The device appears as a six-inch cube of blue-tinged Agafari wood intricately carved with symbols and geographic imagery. While exceptionally light, it does not appear to be hollow and cannot be opened.

Near the end of the Preserver Purge, a campaign waged to systematically wipe out all all wizards who followed the Path of the Preserver, the survivors of such persecution became desperate. A council was convened that discussed how they might strike back at the massive armies of the Warlord Irknos, the Warbringer’s Right Hand.

As their need was grave and their futures dire, they devised to create a weapon of immense power, which would end the Purge once and for all, and ultimately save lives in the process.

Thirteen representative mages sacrificed a portion of their own lifeforce as they shaped the necessary energies to create the device— a singularity of destructive energy contained within a physical vessel. An intricately carved box of agafari wood, expertly wrought from a single plank of the blue-tinged bronzewood.

The following account was recorded of the device’s use:
"The evoker Exustiocacare led a small contingent of soldiers towards Celic bearing the relic [Armrarius Perditio]. When his men traveled throught the Narrows of Sceleris, they found themselves ambushed by a tribe of Gith, a full 3000 strong. Vastly outnumbered, and tasked to deliver the relic unto its destination, Exustiocacare brought the Armrarius Perditio to bear and invoked its full power.

The block exploded into a hail of thousands of brilliant bolts of light which harried their foes with ardent fervor. When the blinding lights finally faded, every gith in the valley was slain, saving the men from slaughter—but Exustiocacare lay dead on the ground, scarcely naught but skin and bone. His fingers still gripped the relic."

Armarius Perditio

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