Green Age

The Green Age was an ancient period spanning tens of millennia, when Athas was a verdant paradise beneath a blazing yellow sun. Numerous sentient races spawned by the previous age spread out to populate the vast forests, mountains, and fertile valleys of Athas, learning the art of civilization and forming great societies. Tribes formed villages. Villages grew into towns. Towns developed into cities. Cities joined to create nations. It was a time of honor and abundance, and the Athas of today is but a pale, sickly shadow of its former brilliant existence.

The real power of the age was Psionics, which developed through the mutations created by the Rebirth and the power of the Pristine Tower. Almost every living thing had some psionic potential, and throughout the Green Age the Way was fostered to amazing heights. Most people started as wild talents, but soon true masters of the Way were teaching the principles of mind and body to the masses, Psionics provided the means for all manner of conveniences and set a high standard of living for those who dwelt in the great cities.

Academies were founded all over Athas to teach those with talent “The Way”. Psionic marvels were constructed and the most advanced cities and nations had psionic transport systems and had running water and street lights. The elite few who truly mastered its higher forms became the leaders of society.

Psionic tools made labor intensive jobs that much easier and cities were even founded beyond the Jagged cliffs with massive psionic elevators connecting them to the Tyr region. Tunnels connected the Tyr region to what is now the hinterlands and psionic powered ivory platforms travelled down them.

Elemental magic is not new in this age, but rises in popularity as new religions form around various Elemental Lords, Drakes, and Spirits of the Land. Arcane magic was previously unknown to Athas, and discovered only at the tail end of this period by a being later referred to as the First Sorcerer. His influence on the world came to be called the Time of Magic.

Green Age

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