Spirit of the Land

A Spirit of the Land, or guarding spirit, is a powerful being that inhabits the various geological features (mountains, hills, rock formations, hot springs, river beds, winds, skies, etc.) of Athas. They are virtually invulnerable, but they also have little direct contact with the world. They prefer to work through the druid who watches over the natural phenomena that they inhabit. Few except druids have ever seen or had any contact with a spirit.

Spirits of the land are almost never seen. On the extremely rare occasions when they do manifest, they appear as huge elementals with the properties of their inhabited lands. They are revered and worshiped by druids, respected by the common folk, and ignored or abused by defilers. A spirit does not need to be worshiped by a druid to survive. It is content simply to exist in its chosen terrain feature.

Spirits of the land inhabit nearly all the terrain features of Athas. They are completely solitary creatures, being concerned only with their inhabited area. However, they do coexist with the other spirits in the area. A hot spring, for instance, may be inhabited by both a spirit of fire and water, co-existing peacefully, even though they are diametrically opposed.

Spirits of the land communicate only with druids and clerics, although, if they wish, they can speak the language of any creature that inhabits their land feature.

Spirit of the Land

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