Temple of the Wailing Waters

This ruined temple rests partially submerged at the edge of the silt estuary now known as the Black Silt River (called the Tforkatch River in the Green Age). The temple itself has not fared well, but its main sanctuary is still intact, and images of an ancient faith are still visible in bas relief on its walls. The walls depict battles between a number of strange humanoids and creatures.

A marble statue clean of almost all obsidian depicts a beautiful humanoid woman with 5 serpents coiled about her. What obsidian that does touch the statue appears to splash at its feet and only appears as droplets and minute rivulets upon its body. At the base of the shrine is a brass basin filled with metallic offerings and carved stones.

The shrine is dedicated to a being known as ClĂ­odhna (KLEE-na), presumably a guardian spirit of water and wind. Judging by the temples iconography, some of the religion’s adherents may have trained as warriors.

Willem resists the urge to loot the temple, and discovers it has at least one incorporeal guardian that watches over the premises. He engages with the invisible spirit, and it offers refuge as long as they respect the temple and its precepts.

Temple of the Wailing Waters

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