The Maiden

The dull gray finish on this ancient iron long blade is pitted but smooth, though no amount of buffing or shining could ever make it sparkle. It’s does not appear to be a traditional elven shape, but the words “The Maiden” appear etched along its surface in an ancient elven script. When exposed to cold temperatures, tiny motes of gray vapor trail off the blade. It is always slightly chilly to the touch.

The maiden is a +2 undead-bane iron long blade that deals 1d8 dmg, with a crit range of 18–20 and a critical multiplier of x2.

When in the presence of incorporeal undead (within 60 feet), the script along the blade will glow with a bright eldritch light.

Willem discovered this blade while he was kidnapped by the mad undead orc, Koschei the Undying. He believes that the blade spoke to him and was able to kill the undead lord with a single blow. Since that time, he has heard nothing from the blade, and suspects that the voice he heard may have only been a delusion brought upon by the torture he suffered. —Still, the blade allowed him to strike down a powerful being with ease and may possess unrealized abilities.

The Maiden

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