The Dead Lands of Athas

The Eminence of Prominence

The City of Kyron Awakens, part I

As half of the adventurers work to reunite with the rest after their excursion through the undead city of Kyron, they begin to notice the wide, sweeping lines scored into the ground at their feet begin to gleam with a blue-green flame. A Gray haze begins to rise from the minute flames like smoke, and they hear haunting tones resonating from the lines.

The undead in the vicinity clearly react to the haze and the music, abandoning their normal routine and begin forming into structured militaristic lines. They then turn their attention towards the living — Willem and his team.

More undead begin emerging from the ruined buildings and join the fray, all moving in jerky, rhythmic movements back and forth and side to side as they march on towards the party. Willem suspects that the strange, dance-like movements are indicative of an internal struggle for the undead to regain control of their own actions.

Though Willem had already cast an enchantment to conceal themselves from undead, he and his team can easily tell that the increasing hoard appear to be heading in their direction. Akile leaps up to the building tops hoping to avoid the undead entirely, while Ascher, Akulaa, and Sierra remain with Willem, weapons drawn but eager to flee…

As they prepare for the worst from the oncoming horde, they hear a hauntingly enchanting dirge in tune to the notes emitting from the ground sigils. Undead begin to step aside as an imposing figure in a suit of red and black leather armor parts from the crowd. They fall in behind the new undead being, and those within the immediate area begin to mimic his own dance-like movements as it continues to sing.

Sierra struggles to command any undead around her, and resorts to raining fire and brimstone upon those nearest to the adventurers. Ascher and Akulaa are cutting their way through the hoard the best they can.

The Maiden speaks to Willem, and tells him that he must destroy the undead lord before them, known as the Eminence of Prominence if they are to safely escape. Hoping to disrupt the Dirgesinger with a countersong, Willem quickly withdrew his lute and matched the awkward dance the undead lord was making with one of his own.

Not only did the countersong seem to confuse the undead around them, but with Willem’s aid Sierra’s repeated attempts at controlling them suddenly proved fruitful. Soon they had their own cadre of undead shielding them, each mimicking Willem’s dance instead of the Dirgesinger’s.

A contest of wills commenced between the Dirgesinger and the adventurers, until Willem came face to face with the Eminence of Prominence. The undead lord lashes out with cold, wicked talons that sapped strength at the slightest touch. With The Maiden springing forth from his hands, Willem slashes twice across the Dirgesinger’s chest. As the corroded blade cuts deep into undead flesh, an ethereal silver flame drips from the wounds and lingers.

While Willem continues to battle the Dirgesinger, Sierra takes advantage of the distraction to take control of more of the undead around them while Ascher and Akulaa battle those still against them. Willem takes some serious wounds from the Eminence of Prominence, but withthe aid of The Maiden he is able to strike a final blow. The Dirgesinger crumples to the ground in a flash of silver light, leaving nothing but an empty heap of loose armor upon the obsidian ground.

They quickly flee the city, but in the chaos loose Akulaa to the raging undead horde.



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