Caravan Master Dario

Dario of House Mareneth


This human man appears to be in his late forties. He is a tall muscular man with dark hair streaked with silver. Dario is a very open and direct man, with a penchant for storytelling.


Dario led a colorful life. As his namesake implies, he began his career as a water-boy, fetching water for those traveling with the caravan. His parents were minor agents hired by the house to sell goods. When he came of age, he served as a guard and scout, a position he spent most of his life with. It was only after he won the affections of one of Mareneth’s daughters that his status was raised.

Having traveled in caravans nearly all his life, the change was not difficult. He later married a second wife, Yuri, who serves as the caravan’s drive master and travels with him while his Firstwife stays in Celik.

Caravan Master Dario

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