Human Beast Handler for the Mareneth Caravan


Except for the steel kyorkcha at his belt, a rare thri-kreen throwing blade, this human does not stand out in a crowd. The human has a dusty mop of sandy blonde hair and drab gray eyes, and clothing that seems to blend in with the desert sand.

The human speaks little but spends most of his time tending to the caravan’s beast of burden.


This human man oversees the handling of the beasts of burden for this caravan. His mastery of the Way allows him to subtly influence the actions of the herd so none will veer off from course. He can actually manage to articulate the language of the thri-kreen, and says that he was once part of a pack of ’kreen. Because of his impressive psionic abilities, they gave him a kreen name meaning Sleeper-Who-Steals-Minds or simply Mind-Taker.

He does not prefer to discuss why he is no longer with the pack.


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