The Walker on the Winds


A strange reptilian creature stands taller than an elf, its limbs bony and gaunt. Its broad chest and abdomen are protected by rust colored chitinous plates, while the rest of its hide is covered in pebbly chitin scutes of a slightly darker color. It stands upon elongated toes, making its heels appear like a backwards knees, and a long whip-like tail switches back and forth behind it. Its fingertips are topped with long black claws and on each foot a single sickle-like talon springs from its largest toe.

Beady-little eyes peer from slits in its chitinous faceplate, while a pair of horns sweep backward in a smooth arc away from its forehead. Its small mouth is filled with sharp, needle-like teeth.

There are dozens of names for creatures such as this. Some are not so nice, but this creature is one of the so-called New Races spawned from the desert each day, or possibly a mutation from the Pristine Tower (some may argue that they are the same thing).


Joudao Fong stumbled out of the salt flats east of Nibenay fully grown, but with no memory of the past. He possessed powerful psionic abilities and an affinity for the element of wind. He was found by templars of Nibenay, who placed him in a government run shelter within their city. It was during his time in Nibenay that he met Akulaa Darkmoon.

He eventually wound up in the city of Celik, where he made use of his talents to lead others safely through the dangerous Southlands and around the southern end of the Ringing Mountains.


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