Lady Ceirenia

A scholar of the Dead Lands


Possessing a nigh unnatural beauty, this beautiful young woman has pale, flawless skin tinged slightly pink with the beginnings of a sunburn, despite her veils. That fact alone supports rumors that she was at least of noble birth, for she had to have spent most of her days sheltered from the blazing sun. She appears free of scars or calluses, and has likely never had to perform any sort of demanding physical labor.

She wears a simple dress of pale silk, and a long shawl to keep the sun off her head. On her left hand is a ring made of solid gold, its face raised and molded into the shape of a closed human eye.


Although her time in the city of Celik has been relatively brief, Ceirenia’s scholarly pursuit of the The Dead Lands and the nature of undeath has become renowned. Further still, rumors abound about the woman that she is one of the many children of Nibenay, hiding from her father because she refused to serve as one of his templars.

Amidst the various scrolls and tablets scattered about her study room, Urza spotted a small golden tablet emblazoned with a seal he was certain was of one of the lawkeepers of Bodach. Such an artifact should only have been found in the ruin itself – and he wondered if she had actually been to that terrible place?

Lady Ceirenia

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