Noble of House Rakesh of Raam


Lord Rajanikant is a handsome middle-aged man of strong Raamian descent. A swarthy man with long black hair and piercing blue eyes, he is always adorned in the finest of silks and jewelry.

While it has been said that he has had some training in the Way, he has been called a “Master Manipulator” and is believed to have orchestrated much of the crime in the city of Raam, including the attack on the Queen.


Rajanikant’s first and foremost priority is himself. Whatever power the Dark Man offers him is not worth his life, so he is quick to escape any possible threats on his life. This is made particularly easy for him due to an ensorcelled belt which allows him “relocate” up to 500’ away.

A few of the party members were once owned by the House of Rakesh, but until recently Rajanikant was only a relatively minor noble. After a series of tragic assassinations occurred within his household while he was away in Nibenay, he rose to become Lord of the House.

For a long time, Rajanikant was quite the thorn in the the Party’s side. When they caught up with amidst the final battle with the Dark Man of Shadows, he crumpled to his death with the faintest of blows.

…there is some doubt whether the man they killed was in fact Rajanikant, or just someone set to impersonate him and take his place…


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