Drivemaster for a caravan of House Mareneth


This powerfully built Mul woman had a square face, a thin lipped mouth, and steely gray eyes. Scars across her scalp and exposed arms suggested that she spent at least some time in the gladiatorial arena. The Drivemaster never speaks, but handles the caravan well enough.

She is very protective of the Caravan Master, her husband.


Raised as a slave, Yuri fought as gladiator in the city of Tyr. After one too many outbursts of anger, she was taught a lessen by her cruel master by cutting out her tongue. When she escaped, she fled south and joined a Mareneth caravan. When the caravan was attacked by a massive tribe of Gith, she spearheaded the assaulting raiders herself and sent them running, proving her worth to the merchant house.


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