Life's Elixir

This viscous liquid had emerged from out of nowhere, and quickly risen to immense popularity within the Seven Cities, going by many names such as Living Waters or the Essence of Life. It is a sweet, oily concoction that induces pleasant dreams & euphoria, and has a cooling sensation around the lips and in the belly. Where it came from no one is certain. Eventually it began to produce a strange sort of addict, whose behavior became withdrawn and erratic, seemingly focused upon some unknown task.

In many City-States Life’s Elixir was briefly declared an illegal substance. Just as quickly the ban on it was lifted and distribution greatly increased for a time, facilitated by templars. Because of this fluctuation of government opinion, and its recent scarcity make it a valuable commodity on the black market.

It was discovered by the PC’s that Life’s Elixir was deriveded from the slimy excretions of the puppeteer slug, and its main function is to temporarily lower one’s mental defenses so that the creatures could take over their hosts.

Type: Ingested, Fort DC 18 (Contact, Fort DC 15), Addiction DC 11.

Side Effects: The user suffers a –2 circumstance penalty to Will saves for 6 hours (-1 to Will for 3 hours if only through contact).

Primary Effects: The user experiences mild euphoria & pleasant dreams for the duration of the effect.

Secondary Effects: 1d4 points of Wisdom damage.

Overdose: The user is Fascinated for 1d8 hours.

Slaking Period: 6 hours.

Spiral Damage: 1d2 Dex, 1d2 Wis.

Life's Elixir

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