Wealth and Money

Player Character Possessions:

Specific Item Information:
Armarius Perditio
Fist of Living Obsidian
Seed of Last Hope
Skull of Dorag Thel

Weapons & Armor
Armor of Guthay
Blade of Elven Camaraderie
Galaruung’s Nightblade
Ideal Thanak
Living Crystal Dagger
The Maiden
Raiment of the Danse Macabre
Rockstem Warstaff
Shadowguard Shield
To’Kyl’s Haladi
Tokoloshe’s Neck-Knife

Miscellaneous Magic & Psionic Items
Amiska’s Darkwood Medallion
Algernon’s Journal
Blacksun Pendant
Boots of Landing
Ceirenia’s Spellbook
Clearwater Jug
Collar of Natural Attacks
Dustcloak of Desert Travel
Elocutionary Choker
Gloves of Object Reading
Handy Haversack
Healing Powder
Mnemonic Crystal
Null Sheath
Obsidian Cabochon
Pakalo’s Nose-Ring of Protection
Potion Fruit
Perditus’ Wizard Dress
Psionitrix of Telepathy
Ring of the Sinkworm
Sending Stone
Spatial Amulet
Strongarm Idol
Temporal Shards
Templar’s Sigil
Torc of the Water Lord
Willem’s Templar Sigil

Mundane Items
Chitine Longblade
Concealing Clothing
Cutpurse Ring
Drake Ivory
Fallen Legionnaire Helmet
Gnomish Seal of Celik
Obsidian Falcata
Scent Cloak

Drugs & Toxins:
Agony Beetle Larvae
Esylk’s Last Resort
Life’s Elixir
Refined Esperweed


The Dead Lands of Athas VadVaro