Potion Fruit

Fruit such as apples and pomegranates possessing magical properties are commonplace in mythology. In Dark Sun, where alchemy is nigh non-existent, potions are almost never found as fluids in a flask or vial.

On Athas, potions come in the form of magical fruits or berries. The juices of the fruit hold the
magical properties of the potion and the fruit must be eaten to release the magical effect. Any juicy berry or fruit may be enchanted with a potion. Since the juice itself holds the potion, drier fruits such as dates cannot be so enchanted.

Once the skin of the fruit is broken, it must be eaten within one turn or the potion’s magic is lost. Whereas normal fruits may only remain ripe for a few days or weeks before they begin to rot, potion fruits have their period of ripeness greatly extended.

Once enchanted with a potion, a fruit will remain ripe for 99 years. After that time, the enchantment fades and the fruit will rot normally. The entire fruit must be eaten to gain the effect of the potion. This takes an entire round. Fruits that are enchanted with oil-type potions must be crushed and the juice allowed to run over the user, which takes two rounds.

Potion Fruit

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